Fickle Toddler

It’s very hard to meal plan when you have a toddler who can’t decide if she likes or dislikes a dish.

The first time we served her zucchini and pasta, she devoured it.  The second time, she made a face and wouldn’t touch it.  The third time, she only ate the pasta. Bah!

Two days ago I was worried that Wee Bear was living entirely on food pouches and cheerios. So far this week, she’s rejecting food pouches and eating real food at lunch and dinner.  Although cheerios still make up half her daily intake of calories.

At our last nutritionist appointment, we were given a sheet outlining the recommended daily servings for a 12-24 month old.  I need to find a better way to food journal – maybe an excel chart?  So I can tell if she’s getting the recommended food group servings over a week period.


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