The program I use to do 97% of my work decided to take a sick day, so I’ve been wandering around the office trying to kill time. And I decided to make myself a cup of tea.

I work for one of those large, successful, internet-based former-startups. In an effort to compete with Google for engineers, they keep multiple kitchens stocked with all kinds of goodies and coffee and espresso and snacks. But surprisingly, no redbull or mountain dew.

Anyway, I decided to make myself some tea. They stock 12 freaking kinds of tea, green tea, herbal tea, but no black tea. I just want some basic, black tea. No luck. But they have Earl Grey, which is black tea “perfectly flavored with natural bergamot”. Bergamot is a Middle French word for “skunk juice”.

I went with Chamomile. I put some honey in it. I never used to use sweetener in herbal tea, but Breaking Bad taught me that it’s ok, Unless it’s Stevia. Maybe I should have put a spoiler alert in the heading?




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