And I’m done! Friday morning was my last pumping session.

I feel very different things about this. Free. That’s a big one. My time is mine, my breasts are mine, and I can eat whatever I want. And God, do I want to eat. But also Guilty. Like I’m abandoning the Wee Bear to this journey alone.

Mainly I feel Sore. I got very swollen and leaky yesterday, and we were on a day hike. Poor planning, although the looming government shutdown forced our hand on that (visit your nearest National Park today, while it’s still open!)

So, I’ve decided that if I’m eating with the Wee Bear, I’m only going to eat things she can eat. She loves to eat off my plate, and while I’m teaching her that it’s not okay to eat other peoples food, I want her to feel safe with me. So if we eat together, we eat allergen-free. I don’t feel like that’s a sacrifice on my part, because there’s plenty of yummy allergen-free food out there.

Also, I’m going to stay dairy-free, even when I’m on my own. I feel much better without dairy, my skin is better, my digestion is better. However, I did stuff my face with some Smarties I brought back from a trip to London. They’ve been sitting in my fridge for the last 4 months and I DEVOURED THEM. They lasted 30 seconds, maybe. And tasted as good as I remembered!


One unintended consequence – I keep forgetting to blog. I always kept my pump at my desk, and I would pump while writing up the day’s food journal. I realized last night that I hadn’t done a journal in days, so this morning I had to play catchup. The husband and I couldn’t quite remember everything she’d eaten, so it’ll be important for me to carve out some time every evening to write things down. I mean, that’s the whole point of this blog, to make sure the Wee Bear is eating a nutritious, diverse, balanced diet.



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