Defeat at the Battle of the Baba

Our sippy cup experiment has ended in defeat, and we’re back to the bottles.

On Saturday and Sunday, the Wee Bear refused all sippy cups, including water.  She asked for a bottle All.Day.Long.  “Baba? Baba? Baba? Baba? Baba. BABA. BABA! BABA! BABA!”  She stopped having wet diapers, so we gave her a bottle after dinner and at 10pm.

Sunday evening I ran to Babies R Us and picked up a bunch of different sippy cups.  On Monday, we sent her to daycare with breast milk and the cups: a Playtex Straw Cup, a Munchkin Sport Bottle that looks like a water bottle, and two traditional sippy cups with handles, a Nuby and a Munchkin.

She drank a couple ounces from the Nuby and then spent the rest of the day asking for a baba.

I think part of the problem is that she hates to drink milk or formula cold.  She wants it room temp at least.  This won’t be a problem when we’ve completely weaned off the breast milk, because we just send the formula powder and her teachers can mix it with tap water.  But we’re a couple weeks away from weaning.

So today we sent bottles to daycare.  However, there’s only 4 oz in each (2oz bm, 2 oz formula), and she’ll get them with her meals and snacks.  So hopefully we won’t lose the bit of progress we’ve made.  She’s eating more real food, which is fantastic.  The only problem is, toddlers are supposed to get 6 servings of dairy a day, and the WB’s allergies mean the only dairy she gets is coconut milk yogurt and breast milk/formula.  She needs those servings, and if it takes a bottle to get them, then it takes a bottle.  I’m not going to worry about it.  Apparently I took a bottle until I was 2, and I turned out just fine. Or close enough.



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