Success Means New Challenges

The Wee Bear had her 15 month checkup today.  She’s gained almost a pound and has moved up to the 8th percentile for weight! The pediatrician says she’s healthy and precocious and doing wonderfully.  Excuse me while I happy dance in my chair.

The pediatrician also says it’s time to make some changes.  We have a lot to work on in the coming weeks.  Our goals include:

  • trading in the bottles for sippy cups
  • weaning off breastmilk
  • cutting the WB’s formula/bm intake from 30-36 ounces daily, to 16-22 ounces daily
  • increasing the amount of solid foods she eats daily

The doctor and nutritionist want us to start giving sippy cups of formula during meals and snacks only.  If she’s thirsty between a meal, she should be offered water.  This includes those 2am wakeups.  By doing this, we should encourage WB to fulfill her caloric needs from food instead of formula.

I’m feeling a little intimidated by all the changes we need to make!  And nervous about the sleep we’re going to lose.  I think we’ll start on Monday – we need to stock up on sippy cups this weekend!


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