Nervous Before The Big Test

The Wee Bear has her 15 month check up tomorrow morning, along with a meeting with her nutritionist.  She’ll be weighed and measured, and we’ll be quizzed on her vocabulary and gross motor skills and sleep schedule.

And diet.

I feel so nervous about this appointment!  That feeling before an exam you didn’t study enough for.  It doesn’t help that she barely ate anything at all today, just one slice of turkey and a strawberry!

We have a lot to talk about at this appointment – weening from breastmilk, getting off the bottles and onto sippy cups, cutting back on liquid calories in favor of solids (or at least baby food)…

The WB is in a very different place from most other 15 month olds, and that’s ok.  I know her situation is unique and requires a unique solution.  What works for other children is not going to work for her.

But I can’t help but feel like we’re not making the progress we need to be making.  That’s there more we could be doing.

Sigh.  Hoping for good news tomorrow.


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