Protein Powders

Due to WB’s multiple allergies, there is no good milk substitute we can offer her.  Coconut and rice milk and their related products do not offer enough protein and fat.  Because of that she’ll be drinking formula until she’s at least 2 years.

One option I’ve been researching is using a protein powder.  If I find a good protein powder, we can add it to smoothies, and rice milk flavored with AH!LASKA Organic Chocolate Syrup. WB loves coconut milk “yogurt”, so I’d love to be able to stir a teaspoon of powder into her daily serving.

The most common protein powders are made of dairy and milk products (casein and whey), but there are several vegan options.  Unfortunately, powders with multiple protein sources tend to either have soy or sesame.  Garden of Life Garden of Life Raw Organic Protein isn’t an option for us because they use sesame as a source.

Our safest bet is a single-source protein powder.  One option is hemp, but it apparently has a strong taste.  I need a powder I can disguise, so I bought a container of Lifetime Pea Protein Isolate Vanilla to test out.  I went with pea over brown rice because it has almost twice the amount of protein.  I’ll be adding very small amounts to the WB’s food, so I wanted the biggest bang for my buck.  The container was larger than I wanted, but the Whole Food’s clerk assured me I can return it opened if if doesn’t work out for us.

I prepared a serving of So Delicious Raspberry Cultured Coconut Milk Yogurt with a teaspoon of protein powder for the WB’s lunch tomorrow.  I tasted it – the protein powder didn’t change the taste of the yogurt, but it did add a kind of waxy texture.  I think I’ll add less powder next time, so it will incorporate better.  But hopefully the WB won’t notice.

One of my dear friends is a fitness and nutrition guru (you can follow her on instagram @NvrGivingUp) and she recommended the True Nutrition company.  She said they can design a powder to our specifications.  If our pea protein test is successful, I’m going to look into designing a custom powder with added fat and carbs.


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